Donnerstag, 2. Januar 2014

Happy new Year!

Dear fellow travelers!

We wish you a pleasant new year and lots of joy in 2014! :-)

First of all we´d like to present some shots (thanks to Sintaura) of the fashion show in September, where the NDR also made a video:

Thanks to all the beautiful models Angelique Crawford, Olga Obscure, Jojo Köster, Miriam Gosch, Kim Steffen, Alice Through The Looking Glass, Prinzessin schmetterding & Graf Blackage as well as Sylvia and photographer Leo (Desire and Sin), Becci, the presenter as well the organisers for this lovely day and Marleen Dethlefs for the wonderful make up! :-)

Furthermore we finally would like to present our new website! There is still a bit to do, but we´re on it. ;-)

Yours sincerely,
Alignor Aetherium & Madame Mécanique