Sonntag, 5. Mai 2013

Traveler in Time

Sehr geehrte Mitreisende, dear fellow travelers!

We had a pleasent journey to the Baltic Sea to meet the wonderful photographer Annie Bertram and took pictures of one of our latest pirate creations with a beautiful wig made by Pavy Creations:

In addition we´re back from our journey to Aethercircus - Das Steampunkfestival 2012 - 25. - 26.08.2012 (offiziell)

It was a fantastic weekend, with a lot of lovely friends we met and music, shows and art! We would like to thank our wonderful models and aethership crew, steampunk artists, organizers & visitors! Pictures will follow soon ♥

Furthermore we are happy to announce, that "La Perla" & Madame Mécanique are part of the flyers and posters for "Machina Nostalgica", where our next fashion show will take place in August. Looking forward to it! :-)

Hochachtungsvoll/ Sincerely,
Alignor Aetherium & Madame Mécanique

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